Common Questions A DUI Lawyer In Jerome, ID Can Answer

In Idaho, criminal defendants incur drunk driving charges based on their blood-alcohol content reading, criminal history, and the passengers present when they are arrested. The state could impose additional penalties based on the look-back period and the total number of DUI convictions. A DUI Lawyer in Jerome ID discusses the charges and projected penalties against with the defendant.

What Blood-Alcohol Content Readings Constitute a DUI?

All adults that are over the age of twenty-one are guilty of a DUI if they have a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.08 percent. Any drivers under the age of twenty-one with at least a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.02 percent are also guilty of the infraction. The state has a zero tolerance law that applies to underage drivers. Additionally, the state imposes an aggravated DUI charge against any driver with a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.20 percent.

How Does Implied Consent Work?

Implied consent takes effect when any driver gets behind the wheel while intoxicated. Law enforcement officers have the legal right to demand a breathalyzer test during the traffic stop according to the ruling. However, the officers cannot deny access to an attorney or violate the defendant’s Miranda rights at any time. After the attorney arrives, the driver submits to testing, and the attorney acquires a second blood sample.

What are the Penalties for the First Three Convictions?

The driver’s license is suspended for a period ranging between three months and one year. However, they could receive a conditional license to enable them to drive to work. The court requires an alcohol assessment, and the defendant must enter into a treatment program for alcohol addiction. An ignition interlocking device is installed into the vehicle at the driver’s expense. The vehicle could be confiscated if the driver has a history of aggravated DUI charges.

In Idaho, criminal defendants could incur a fine of up to $1,000 with their first DUI conviction. The drivers could also lose their driver’s licenses for an extensive period of time. Additionally, all defendants convicted of the crime must acquire SR-22 certificates as directed by the judge. Drivers who need to hire a DUI Lawyer in Jerome ID can Get a firm overview right now.