Assessments Required by a Child Custody Lawyer in Boone County, IL

In Illinois, parents will file claims to obtain child custody. These cases are managed primarily through a divorce case. However, in the event of a divorce trial, the court will determine child custody in a separate trial. The following are the assessments required by a child custody lawyer in Boone County, IL.

Assessment of Risks

The court will review any possible risks to the child. Primarily, these risks are associated with any allegations of abuse or neglect presented during the case. The court will determine if either party has a drug or alcohol addiction problem. These risks could prevent the parent from acquiring custody based on a serious risk to the child.

The Living Conditions of the Parents

The parents must live in a home that can provide the child with everything they need. It must provide adequate space for all children who will live inside the property. It cannot present any health risks to the child. The property is evaluated by a court officer to determine if the parent is the most suitable choice for custody.

The Ability to Provide for the Child

The income of each parent is reviewed to determines if they can provide financial support for the child. They must provide income statements to show the value of their annual income for the court to make this assessment. The income of each party is also reviewed when child support is calculated.

The Type of Custody Arrangement

Child custody is either shared, or only one parent receives it. These assignments are based on the most suitable circumstances for the child. If a parent presents a risk, sole custody is provided to one parent. If they receive shared or joint custody, each parent spends the same amount of time with the child.

In Illinois, parents file claims to acquire child custody when they are divorced. These claims are based on a risk to the child in most circumstances. Typically, custody is assigned during the divorce case; however, if a new risk emerges, the parent can start a new claim. Parents who want to acquire this assignment can contact a child custody lawyer in Boone County, IL or visit the Crosby Law Firm today.