Are You Looking for a Professional Litigation Lawyer in Santa Barbara, CA?

It is often said that our society is too focused on litigation and combat in court rather than seeking more rational and useful resolutions to legal problems. This may certainly be true and it may even contribute to the view of many legal professionals as aggressive; however, the fact is that some law firms actively seek to avoid expensive litigation for a number of good reasons.

Why Avoid Litigation?

For some lawyers, litigation is their bread and butter and seems to fuel them each day. The problem is that by the time a case has proceeded to litigation, there is a huge expense for clients. In some sense, this sort of rentseeking is unfair for the client, especially if it is being provoked deliberately in order to extort more fees. For the forwardthinking litigation lawyer in Santa Barbara, CA, however, there are some great alternatives to litigation.

Providing More Legal Options

So, what alternatives can a good litigation lawyer offer the client? Consider the following:

  • Mediation: When two lawyers and two clients can agree on the process of mediation outside of a courtroom, quite often successful outcomes can result. This can save some serious time and money for the clients involved in the legal process and may even result in much better outcomes for both parties.

  • Arbitration: A litigation lawyer may also seek the arbitration of a third party in the form of the arbitrator. The result is a legally binding agreement between both parties.

Sometimes, litigation is necessary and may even be the best option. In these cases, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer. Where expensive litigation can be avoided, it is certainly not uncommon to reach better outcomes. Visit our website to get details.