Anyone Arrested for Drunk Driving Will Need Help from a DWI Attorney in Tyler, TX

When drivers make poor judgment choices and opt to drive while intoxicated, they are likely to be arrested and charged with a DWI offense. DWI convictions can seriously impact the rest of someone’s life, both financially and with the loss of freedom. To help reduce the overall impact of these charges on the lives of those convicted, help from an experienced attorney is key. A DWI attorney in Tyler, TX will argue for their clients’ innocence and help to reduce or eliminate the consequences of these charges on their clients’ lives.

Loss of License

Those convicted of drunk driving can expect to lose their driving privileges at least temporarily. Depending on the outcome of the case and any prior DWI convictions, those convicted may expect to lose their driving license for a period of a few months up to multiple years. In the most severe cases, driving privileges may be permanently revoked. Help from an attorney at The Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. is the best way for the accused to minimize the amount of time they lose their license and to attempt to minimize its impact on their normal daily lives.

Jail Time

Many drunk driving cases end with required jail time of the convicted that ranges from a few weeks to years. The length of the sentence depends on many factors depending on the person’s prior criminal record to the degree of intoxication at the time of the offense. Without the help of a lawyer, defendants can expect to receive lengthy jail times for their crimes, often even the maximum sentence possible. Lawyers will help to negotiate and argue for their clients to reduce or eliminate the need for any time spent in jail.

Hiring a DWI attorney in Tyler, TX is the best way for those arrested for drunk driving to reduce their charges and avoid jail time. Those who are not represented by an attorney will often receive the maximum sentence possible and face serious, long-term consequences on their lives. Quality lawyers will do their best to reduce any sentence of jail time and help their clients to retain their driving privileges. Like us on Facebook.