An Auto Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn NY May Help a Client Receive Compensation for Chiropractic Care

When someone has been injured in a vehicle accident and receives a settlement offer from the insurer, this person may be upset to see that the insurer won’t cover chiropractic or other alternative care. An auto accident lawyer in the Brooklyn NY area may be able to help, depending on the circumstances. These attorneys usually offer free consultations, so the individual may want to schedule an appointment to learn about the aspect of alternative treatment in personal injury settlements.

Automotive insurance companies are similar to health insurance companies in that they commonly do not cover complementary care, such as chiropractic treatment, massage and acupuncture. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn NY may want the client to obtain a recommendation from a medical or osteopathic doctor for chiropractic care. Many physicians know that chiropractic adjustments can be effective in relieving back and neck pain when other therapies have failed. That recommendation can persuade the insurer to include payment for chiropractic care in the settlement. The lawyer also may find and send abstracts of research to the insurer to verify the effectiveness of this therapy for the client’s condition.

An alternative strategy would be to persuade the insurance company to increase the amount of general medical treatment compensation instead of separating out the conventional care from the alternative care. A law firm such as Business Name represents clients who have suffered back and neck injuries in vehicle accidents. Their attorneys understand the best approaches to take when requesting additional money from an insurance carrier. They are likely to know the tendencies of certain companies in regard to paying settlements.

Automotive insurers do not want to pay out any more than they have to, naturally. However, they also do not want to risk the attorney filing a lawsuit and taking them to a court trial. They know that juries often side with the injured person. Jurors may view the insurance company as a Goliath, who unreasonably does not want to help the person who doesn’t has as much power. An Auto Accident Lawyer usually knows how much a case is worth and how much a particular insurer is willing to pay out under specific conditions.