An Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Kankakee, Illinois Offers Things to Do When in an Accident

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Lawyers

If you are a driver on the Illinois state highways, you need to understand that you are at an increased risk for an automobile accident. Thousands of people are injured in automobile accidents each year in Illinois. This being said, it might behoove you to have an idea beforehand what you should do if involved in an accident. Of course, no one can predict what the outcome of an auto accident will be. Nonetheless, an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Kankakee, Illinois wants you to be aware that you may need an attorney, regardless. Here are some other things to be mindful of when in an accident.

  • If you are in an accident, first assess to ensure that all involved are not seriously hurt, including yourself. You can check with all passengers in your vehicle, if any. You can check with the other vehicle on the driver and passengers. If it is necessary, try to get everyone out of harm’s way, as much as you know to do. If a person is lying on the ground, you do not want to move that person unless it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes that can do more harm than good.
  • Next thing to do is to get in touch with emergency personnel, such as the police and the fire and rescue services. If there are any witnesses involved, try to get the names and contact information of these individuals. It will prove useful later on.
  • When the insurance companies get involved, do NOT allow them to pay your medical bills, as this will usually be a legal loophole to relieve them of any obligation to pay you damages in the case of a lawsuit.

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