An Auto Accident Attorney in Denton, TX Will Not Charge You Any Fees

A common concern for individuals who have been injured and want to receive compensation is that an attorney will cost them a lot of money. The fact is a personal injury lawyer will never charge a victim any money. The only way an auto accident attorney in Denton, TX will receive compensation is if they win a settlement for the victim.

The auto accident will also provide a victim with a free consultation to discuss the circumstances surrounding their case. This provides an opportunity for a victim to find out if they have a case and gives the attorney an opportunity to immediately begin negotiating with the insurance company. Early intervention by an attorney allows a victim to focus on recovering from their injuries instead of answering questions and arguing with the insurance company about the case.

What to Do After an Accident

At the scene of an auto accident, it is important to obtain the other driver’s name, contact information, insurance information, and the license plate on the car. If an individual has an opportunity to write down the make, model and color of the car, this could be important later in the case. A victim should never admit fault at the scene of the accident to the police or the other driver, and they should seek medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Can a Victim Wait a Day or Two to Receive Medical Care?

An individual should never wait to receive medical treatment for an injury. Failing to receive prompt medical care can severely jeopardize their case. In addition, individuals who receive prompt medical treatment and guidance are more likely to recover from their injuries.


The amount of compensation an individual receives with the help of an auto accident attorney in Denton, TX will depend on the nature of their injuries. A case that involves a broken bone, brain damage, scarring, or nerve damage, is likely to receive a higher settlement than a soft tissue injury. In either case, a victim should still seek legal guidance about their case.

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