A Truck Accident Lawyer in Emporia, KS Makes Clients Aware of the Uniqueness of Truck Accidents

All traffic accidents have the potential to turn deadly. Sometimes, it is one of the parties, and other times, it may be all parties involved. This gruesome possibility becomes more possible when one of the vehicles in the accident is a truck. Thousands of people are seriously hurt or die in accidents with large trucks each year in the United States. In Kansas, literally hundreds of people suffer injuries or fatalities in truck accidents. There are many complicated factors that come into play with truck accidents. There is a truck accident lawyer in Emporia KS who helps clients involved in truck accidents.

Chances are great that when anyone gets into an accident involving a tractor trailer or some other big, commercial truck, casualties are going to be imminent. Unlike accidents involving just cars, other factors arise with commercial truck accidents. It must be examined to see if the truck was following all the regulations set by the D.O.T. There are also liabilities that may involve both the commercial truck driver and the employer for which he or she works. There may even be other parties involved, such as the company or employees who loaded the trailer the truck was pulling.

Potential clients involved in a truck accident must also remember that the personal injury statute of limitations becomes a factor. There is a two year time frame to file the lawsuit in a Kansas civil court. If the client fails to file the lawsuit against the truck company or the driver in that time, the opportunity to collect damages will be gone. As a rule also, the client must have exhausted all of his or her personal injury protection benefits before making a claim in court.

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