A Traffic Attorney in Madison VA Helps Clients Avoid the Worst Penalties for Moving Violations

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Lawyers

Most drivers who receive a citation for a moving violation pay the ticket and forget about it. Others hire a Traffic Attorney in Madison VA to beat the ticket, effectively saving some money in the process and avoiding negative consequences for their driving record. People are allowed to defend against the charges in court without professional legal representation, but most individuals know they don’t understand the finer points that would help them succeed. They also simply may not have time because of work obligations.

A traffic attorney in Madison VA is more likely to have success in getting a ticket dismissed by a judge or the citation reduced to a lesser one. This professional knows the relevant technicalities to look for. Achieving this goal can be imperative for some individuals. For instance, a person who drives for a living may have a contract requiring no traffic offenses, even outside of work. Someone who already has received one or two citations in the relatively recent past may be at risk of automotive insurance not being renewed. A substantial insurance rate hike also is a possibility with another moving violation on the record.

In some instances, the judge upholds the moving violation but allows the driver to avoid having points assessed to the license. The fine may be reduced as well. Traffic lawyers set their rates to be more affordable than paying the fine for the moving violation. Even with the combination of the legal fee and the reduced fine, the total is still less than that of the original citation amount.

Some tickets come with very pricey fines that can be downright brutal. For example, depending on the location, a driver traveling at 66 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone could be facing a fine of around $150. That’s a hefty amount to pay just because somebody was a little late for work. Similar fines are levied for rolling through a stop sign or disregarding a red traffic light. Even failing to signal for a turn can cost a driver more than $140. Visit Gayheart & Willis P.C. to get started on the process of defending against a traffic ticket.

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