A Child Molestation Lawyer in Allen County, IN Wants Clients to Understand What They Are Facing

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Lawyers

One of the more horrific crimes that society frown upon is one that deals with children, particularly child pornography, molestation or other sex crimes. Thus, if a person is arrested for such a crime, he or she had better get excellent representation to prove that the allegations are untrue! It is not surprising that penalties come very severe for crimes of this nature. A child molestation lawyer in Allen County IN represents those convicted of sex crimes. The law firm wants defendants to understand what they are up against in Indiana.

In Indiana, child molestation is also referred to as statutory rape, whether the child consents or not. The crime particularly becomes child molestation if the child is under the age of fourteen. If the child is between fourteen and sixteen, the crime is called sexual misconduct. Other issues that amount to sexual crimes are child seduction and child enticement. In child seduction, the defendant will have some sort of supervisory control over the minor, or will have developed some sort of trusting bond with the minor. A teacher to student relationship would be a prime example of this.

One can be charged with a child enticement crime even if there is no instance of sexual contact. All that would have to be proven is that an attempt was made for such activity. All of these crimes are serious and are placed in the felony class of crimes. Punishment can range from six months in jail and a fine of $10,000 for Class D felonies to fifty years and a $10,000 fine for a Class A or B Felony. Those convicted of these sex crimes in Indiana must register as sex offenders.

It is obvious that one’s life can be drastically affected if convicted of a child molestation sex crime. Richard Thonert is an attorney in Fort Wayne, Indiana who has been providing legal services to the residents of the area for over 37 years. If one finds himself or herself charged with a sex crime, and needs a child molestation lawyer in Allen County IN, Richard Thonert offers his services. He says “Contact us at the website, http://thonertlaw.net/.”

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