A Back Injury Attorney in Phoenix, AZ Wants You to Understand Personal Injury Rights

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Lawyers

Whenever a person suffers an accident of any kind, all levels of pain are likely to be the result of that accident. If the pain has to do with broken limbs, it will usually heal up in time. However, when a person suffers a back injury, that is something that will probably never to get better. In any case, that person will have a strong reason to file a lawsuit for personal injury against the party who caused the injury. There is a Back Injury Attorney in Phoenix AZ who sees clients and advises them of their rights. Here are some things that need to be understood about the personal injury laws which apply to Arizona.

The first thing a client will want to be sure to understand is how long they have to file a personal injury case in Arizona. That time limit is two years. If the client fails to file the personal injury lawsuit in a civil court of law before that time, their case will not be heard. Therefore, it is important that the potential client files the lawsuit as soon as possible.

In the process of the filing of the lawsuit, the client should also keep in mind that Arizona employs the comparative fault rule. This means that the party being sued could try to prove that the injured party was partly responsible for their accident. If that is successful, the injured party will receive reduced damages by the amount that they are found to be at fault. This is something the injured party will want to avoid, so hiring an experienced lawyer will be the smart thing to do.

Garrison Law Firm has been providing personal injury solutions for clients in the Phoenix, Arizona area for over 28 years. These attorneys offer free consultation for personal injury cases such as dog bites, nursing home neglect, wrongful death, auto accidents, slips and falls, and of course, back injuries. If there is a person who needs to consult with a back injury attorney in Phoenix AZ, he or she can contact Garrison Law Firm. Browse the Site to get more information.

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