6 Ways to Find a Malpractice Lawyer

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Medical malpractice happens when certain standards of care are not met, the Medical News Today explains. Other instances include when negligence results in patient injury and when the injury has damaging consequences. If you think you are a victim of medical malpractice, then it’s crucial that you get in touch with a lawyer. Here’s how to find a malpractice lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to help you.

Ask around

Reach out to friends and family. If you know someone in your circle who can refer you, that would be a tremendous help. Referrals can easily cut down on the time and effort you need to spend on finding legal counsel.


Go online and look for a malpractice lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. Start with attorneys at a local practice. That way, you know they’re familiar with state rules and laws that affect medical malpractice cases.

Consider their background

What is the lawyer’s track record? Does the lawyer have an excellent reputation for winning cases in court? These are all markers that you’re hiring the right legal help.

Ask about caseload

When you hire an attorney, you want someone who can devote enough time and attention to your case. That’s not going to be possible if your lawyer is up to his/her ears in cases. Factor that in before you hire an attorney.

Request for updates

Ask your lawyer for updates on the case. A conscientious attorney, though, will always keep you up to date on any changes and will regularly communicate with you regarding the case. That is the kind of legal help you’ll want by your side.

Check for experience

Look for meaningful experience. Does the lawyer specialize in malpractice cases? Has s/he handled one before? Confirm that detail before you proceed with the rest of the hiring process.

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