What to Expect from a Consultation With a Misdiagnosis Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA

When a doctor’s misdiagnosis of a serious injury or illness leads to the development of unnecessary complications, it can leave patients in dire straights. When this occurs, it’s always best to hire a Misdiagnosis Lawyer in Pittsburgh PA right away to seek compensation and make sure that the doctor who indirectly caused these complications is held accountable. Read on to find out what to expect when working with a misdiagnosis lawyer and how to prepare.

Disclose All Relevant Details

A misdiagnosis lawyer in Pittsburgh PA will need to know exactly what happened in order to determine whether his or her client has a viable case. Clients should prepare for their consultations beforehand by writing down lists of all the healthcare providers who have treated their conditions, compiling relevant correspondence and documents, and writing down any questions they have.

Listing Healthcare Providers

It’s not uncommon for misdiagnosis victims to see multiple providers, ranging from primary care doctors to specialists. A malpractice lawyer will need to access records from all of them. In addition to obtaining these records, they often appreciate it when patients write down relevant details about their conditions, what each doctor said about them, and who eventually diagnosed the problem accurately.

Relevant Documents

In addition to bringing copies of medical records and correspondence, it’s a good idea for patients to compile a few other forms of relevant documentation. These may include medical bills, photographs of the condition if it is externally visible, health insurance policy information, and proof of lost earnings. Some of these documents can be obtained over the course of a lawyer’s investigation, but the process will go more smoothly if he or she has access to them from the beginning.

Know What to Ask

Misdiagnosis victims can also use their consultations as a means of gaining a clearer picture of what they should expect throughout the settlement and trial process. They can ask about the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, find out what their chances are of getting a reasonable settlement and ask about their lawyers’ experience taking misdiagnosis cases to trial. Click here to learn about one law firm that can help and request a free case review online today.