Three Areas Your Social Security Disability Lawyer near Morristown Can Help You With

When filing for disability, a person can choose to file over the phone, in person, or online. No matter the filing method, it is crucial individuals understand their responsibilities and their rights in the process. Failure to understand these two vital areas could result in a person being denied their benefits. It is wise for applicants to first meet with a Social Security Disability Lawyer near Morristown before they attempt to file so they will be sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

The first area a lawyer can help an applicant with is the application process. The application process is not always easy for everyone and can sometimes be confusing. A lawyer can help a person gather the information they will need for applying. They will also help ensure the right paperwork is filed and on time so there are no unnecessary delays in the process. Since application errors are a common reason for denials, a lawyer can help a person avoid issues.

If the denial letter comes in the mail, an applicant has two chances to appeal. The first appeal is filed with the review department. This department takes a second look at the application and will check it for errors. In some cases, an applicant is approved at this stage in the process but not always. A lawyer will help a person know their rights during this process and what to expect.

Should a final denial be given, this does not mean the process is over. A lawyer can help an applicant pursue an appeal by helping them get their hearing scheduled. These hearings are held before an administrative law judge who is held responsible for making the final determination on whether or not the applicant is approved for their benefits. It is vital a person is properly prepared and has their paperwork because the Social Security Administration will not supply this to the judge.

If you are getting ready to go through the process of filing for benefits, you need a Social Security Disability Lawyer near Morristown. You can contact Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC, for more details.