Reviewing Common Factors With Child Custody Attorneys In East Greenwich

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Lawyers

In Rhode Island, parents have the opportunity to fight for custody of their child. If the parents cannot agree on child custody as a result of an uncontested divorce, a divorce trial is scheduled. When this occurs, the judge must make this decision for the couple. child custody attorneys in East Greenwich help parents through this tough battle.

Income and Financial Stability

The first factor in which the judge will receive is income and financial stability. The custodial parent must possess an income that enables them to provide for their child. They should have a stable work history and present this evidence to the court. In divorce court, financial instability could be signs of issues that are a risk to the child.

The Most Appropriate Home Environment

The judge assigns a caseworker to visit the home of each parent. During the home study, the social worker evaluates the living quarters to determine if they are appropriate for the child. They also interview the parent to grasp a clear understanding of them and their mental state. Any issues discovered are reported to the court immediately.

Existing School or Religious Connections for the Child

Whenever possible, the judge may assign custody to the parent who remains in the area in which the child has attended school or has a religious affiliation. Separation from these areas could become disturbing for the child as they require major life changes. If the judge rules in favor of the parent living in this area, the child could continue to attend school and services.

Assessing the Risks

Drug and alcohol addiction are primary risk factors evaluated by a judge. If either parent has an addiction, it is less likely that the judge will award them custody. However, if they are seeking medical assistance with their problem, the judge may provide more lenient visitation rights.

In Rhode Island, parents must evaluate the most common factors reviewed by the judge. This prepares them better for the days ahead and when they go to trial. Parents who need to hire Child Custody Attorneys in East Greenwich to gain possession of their child should contact us right now for more information.

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