How to Find Good Child Custody Lawyers in Katy, TX

Sometimes, despite one’s best intentions, divorce is unavoidable. In some cases, parents need to make a calculated decision on fighting for child custody, and to do so, they should have an attorney on their side. However, finding a good lawyer can be difficult. Many turn to friends and family for recommendations, or they use a search engine to pick one at random. While this may help one find legal representation quickly, it is rarely the best option. Below are several tips on finding the right child custody lawyers in Katy, TX.

Go to Court to Find a Good Attorney

There is no better way to judge a lawyer’s competence than by observing them as they work. However, few parents take the time to do so before it really counts. Is the attorney well known? Is it possible for the parent to cooperate with the person? Is the lawyer genuinely helpful to clients? Observance of a lawyer’s style can point a parent in the right direction.

Ask Divorce Organizations for Recommendations

Local fathers’ and mothers’ rights groups can be a great source of recommendations for child custody lawyers in Katy, TX. These organizations help divorce parents to protect their rights and the children’s interests. Go to some of these organizations and ask to those who have been through divorces whether they would hire their attorney again.

Make a List of Questions to Ask

It pays to prepare before going to the initial meeting. Clients should make a list of at least ten questions to ask potential attorneys. Those in need of guidance should ask about the lawyer’s history on similar cases, and the client should learn what to do to get ready for the case.

Interview Potential Lawyers

After the client makes a short list of potential lawyers and writes down some questions to ask, it’s time for the interview phase. It is impossible to narrow the field without meeting and comparing a few attorneys, and clients should look for someone who can represent their interests while keeping an open line of communication. Before leaving an attorney’s office, the client should find more information including references of previous clients with similar cases.