Get the Benefits You Deserve With Help From a Social Security Disability Law Firm

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Legal Services

An injury or illness can often leave a person with a disability that can affect the rest of their lives. This disability will often make it impossible for the person to ever have gainful employment again. This can have devastating effects on their ability to support themselves or their families. Fortunately, there are benefits available that help in these situations. A Social Security Disability Law Firm is available to help people get the benefits they deserve.

Types of benefits

Anyone who has had gainful employment has paid into the Social Security fund. This provides benefits for retirement as well as insurance for instances of disability. If a worker becomes disabled, they are able to apply for SSDI benefits based on their previous work record. There are also benefits for disabled children. These benefits are based on the parents work record. SSI benefits, however, are available for disabled people who have no or little work record and are based on need.

Difficulties receiving benefits

It has been noted that up to 60 percent of all disability applicants are denied benefits when they first apply. Unfortunately, many of these applicants qualify for benefits, yet were denied for a variety of reason, such as errors or incomplete applications. These applicants must appeal the decision. This appeals process, however, can last for years and become complicated and difficult for those suffering from a disability.

Getting help with an appeal

A Social Security Disability Law Firm is able to assist with any appeals case. They have the experience and knowledge to understand the process. Their team will review the case and help applicants determine the issues involved in their denial. They are also able to ensure all applications, forms, and other processes are filled out completely and without errors. An attorney is also able to assist in helping an applicant get complete and thorough medical information to help prove their case.

A disability can be a difficult and devastating development for anyone. Social Security Disability benefits are there to help in these situations. Unfortunately, the process can be long and difficult. An attorney is able to help with this process and make it a little less complicated. Visit for more information.

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