Dispelling Myths With a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Chicago

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Lawyers

Many myths circulate about obtaining Social Security benefits and the often-grueling process. One of the most common is that people always get denied on the first attempt. The truth is that about 30% of people will be approved with their initial application. It all comes down to the condition, the severity of it, and how much documentation a person has to prove their claim.

Having an attorney increases those chances of quick approval, as a Social Security disability lawyer in Chicago knows what to say and what statements to avoid. Another common myth is that a person must be 62 years of age to file for Social Security disability. Retirement and disability are two different things. While a person can receive benefits when the required age threshold is reached, they can utilize them early.

Those with a disability and verifiable proof of their conditions can obtain benefits earlier if they have the proper work credits. Those without adequate work credits can earn SSI if they qualify through the needs-based program. Finally, people often believe it will take years to get approved.

It can take six months or three years, and each case is different. However, going through the appeals process and any court hearings is always best done with legal counsel, as this increases the chances of a favorable outcome.

Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. has assisted many people in getting benefits and helped to shoulder the burden during this stressful time. When considering a Social Security disability lawyer in Chicago, it’s best to trust a firm with over 100 years of experience. Contact them today for a case evaluation.

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